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Time To Move Inwards

Now is the time when the universe is asking us all to withdraw from the outward flowing of life and take measure of our own values and behaviour.
Shandor Remete

Hello Shadow Yogin's,

I'm happy to say I did indeed make it back safely (and in the nick of time!) from Adelaide after a wonderful week studying with Emma and Shandor, the founders of Shadow yoga.

It is always a privilege to be able to study with such experienced and knowledgeable teachers.  Their guidance and tuition is of the highest quality, and extremely rare to find in this current climate which is saturated with so many different yoga styles and fads.

Arriving back on the eve of national lock-down was surreal to say the least, but this first week of self-quarantine (and retreat) has been such a gift as it has enabled me to put into practice the teachings I was given in Adelaide.  As Shandor said to us last week.  "It begins when you leave here".  Whatever we recall from the classes or practices we have attended, those are the tools we may use to cultivate a routine home practice.  And at times like these, it is what we all need.

I do plan to book some dates in for Auckland workshops, including some Beginners introduction weekend classes. However considering the current lock-down, I will put booking these on hold until we have more clarity. 

Please stay in touch with me over the next few weeks! If you have any questions regarding your practice feel free to get in touch with a message or a call. For those that are new to the practice, please use the Dasha Chalanam or Joint warmup as a starting point.  If you remember more then use it. For those of you that know the Sama Sutchi posture, this is a great grounding pose which frees up the energy and moves the fluid in the body.

Please look after yourselves and your immune systems. Enjoy the extra time you have for yourself and your loved ones and rest deeply.  I look forward to seeing you soon!

Warmest wishes,

Liv x

I leave you with an excerpt from a recent letter from Shandor which shares wisdom for us all to heed.

"This is a perfect opportunity to put to use the skills and instructions we have imparted to you for the practices of Yoga. Do we accept the lifelong commitment and undertaking in the art and craft of Yoga? Yoga also means effort, not just union.
The term Matha - the hut for the Yogin’s Sadhana is derived from the root: Math - to grind or inhabit.
Therefore, use this seemingly unfortunate time from the outside and by adapting to the requirements of the present times, use and exhaust this
present energy by doing a bit of grinding to make the necessary changes. Then the universe will reward your efforts with the light that is called ‘life’." 
Sundernath (Shandor Remete)