"The beginner should progress slowly without going beyond his or her limit, yet without stopping before that limit is reached."
Zhander Remete

The system of Shadow yoga uses set movement sequences/forms called Preludes of which there are three. These range from primary, intermediate to advanced.

The Preludes (movement sequences) correspond to the energetic systems of the Marmas (vital anatomical junctions), the Nadis (channels for circulation of the vital force), and the Vayus (the currents of wind that operate through these fields).

The Preludes consist of warrior and sun forms.

The warrior movements are circular and spiraling and free the peripheral body from its tensions and energetic obstructions, while the sun forms are linear in nature and ignite the agni (inner power).

Regular practice of the Prelude forms paves the road to healing and harmonizing the body and it's layers, preparing the body for the more advanced practices of yoga.